Don’t Barrack Obama!

While half of you ruminate over whether I have made a spelling mistake of the good Senator’s name, a third of you say ‘who Obama?’ and a quarter of you wonder why I am so poor with fractions, I would just like to have a quick moan about a silly tart who I saw on TV today without going off on an overly-waffly political rant. When questioned about the visit to the UK of the junior United States Senator from Illinois, the woman gazed blankly at the camera and said something along the lines of “well frankly I have absoloutely no interest in him” or words to that effect. Well love, put your Bingo card and fag down for a sec and think about this..this guy is probably the best hope for world peace that we have right now, and will have for a long time, so you had better be hoping he beats John McCain (OK, I’m giving him a link too to be fair!) or you can kiss your nights out with the local purple rinse brigade goodbye along with your flabby arse.


One Response to “Don’t Barrack Obama!”

  1. Oxide Says:

    Some videos here

    PS. Did you know you can turn off those snapshot sponsored popup link things in your control panel?

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