A Long Dark Knight

I don’t know what it is about Batman that fascinates me, but I’ve been a fan of the old Caped Crusader in his many forms since I was a kid. Maybe it goes back to the time during my happy childhood that I spent with my parents and grandparents when I had a Batman Kite. The kite was great..it flew like Batman, it had a great picture of Batman on it…it almost led me over the edge of a cliff like Batman! So fixated was I with this kite that when it escaped my grubby paws one windy day I chased after it like my life depended on it to the extent I didn’t notice the 50 foot drop below until the last minute. Oh well..the perils of superhero crimefighting.
Anyway, back to the present. Today I saw The Dark Knight and it didn’t disappoint. Batman Begins reshaped the whole Batman genre to the way it should be, taking it away from the camp theatrics of the 1960s TV series (which seemed great at the time!) and the hit and miss Batman films of recent years (the original Batman film starring Michael Keaton being the best of the bunch).
Batman Begins and The Dark Knight represent Batman the way I like him best..dark, tormented and serious. This is no camp Bruce Wayne mincing about with his pants over his tights. This is kick arse stuff, beautifully made, with a stunning story, photography and soundtrack. There is something about this version of Batman that inspires those of us who want to do right and fight the scumbags of this world, but who have our hands tied. Maybe one day our own Batman will come along, but until then I’ll just cling onto the vision I have of my Batman kite vanishing over the edge of a cliff..and try to do the best I can.


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