Clear as mud

What follows is a list of instructions that came with a little doodad I bought to play my MP3 player in my car. The gadget itself is simplicity personified. However, I think with the instructions something was ‘lost in translation’ as they say! What follows is an exact copy of the text, including spelling…

1. Check if the conect postrtion (side or front entry) if it is, skip to point5.
2. If not,remove the cover of this Adaptor by loosening the screws with a coin.
3. Reposition the cord to the desirded position (top.middle or button)
4. Replace the cover and screws.
5. Insert this Adaptor plug into the LINE OUT jack (or AUX OUT jack) of your CDPlayer
6. Tum on your cassette play and insert this Adaptor
7. Press PLAY on your CD player and adjust the CD player volume.
8. When done, aject this Adapior like any casserre.


One Response to “Clear as mud”

  1. ox Says:

    To be honest, I’ve seen a lot worse! With the exception of typos and the odd grammar issue, it’s pretty good. At least the words are generally the right ones, rather than being complete mistranslations!

    My favourite is “Tampon Hockey”.

    Tip ‘o the hat to smokingdrum for the link 🙂

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