Gawd blimey y’all

I love accents. It’s what makes us all unique and God help the day we all start to speak like BBC News Readers or Trans-Atlantic Accent telesales people.
One thing that fascinates me is what would happen if a person was moved to a different location every year or so..what kind of accent would they have?

I’m talking about a fairly major move to a different part of the country or another English speaking country, not just down the road. I guess a good guide would be Christian Bale, a man born of South African parents of English heritage, born in Wales, who lived his early life in England, Portugal, and the United States. The ending result being this mishmash! but then why does he just sound like a Londoner in this clip!


One Response to “Gawd blimey y’all”

  1. Big John Says:

    Are you sure that the second clip was not dubbed by David Beckham ? 😉

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