New car

I’ll be honest, cars leave me a bit cold. I can just about tell a Mini from a Rolls Royce, and I’m more likely to comment on a car’s pretty colour than what horsepower it is. I had the same car (a Hyundai Accent) for years. It was a retro central locking, no power steering, and it even had a cassette player! But my dad , bless him, kindly gave me his old car last week, and I must say I am absolutely delighted with it! It’s a Nissan Micra SX (no idea what that means!) and it’s a lovely car to drive. I don’t know how I lived without power steering all that time. I can now actually play CDs in my car, and roll on hot summer, because now I have Air Conditioning! Woohoo! Thanks again dad! x


2 Responses to “New car”

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